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Big Picture Learning - an international organization dedicated to putting students at the center of their own learning and in the center of their own communities - puts on two widely attended convenings every year -- celebrations really - Big Bang and the BPL Leadership Conference.  To raise up the values of our network and raise awareness of education practices that truly activate powerful learning and powerful learners, we must seek support.


We hope you'll join our efforts to envision a world  in which students live lives of their own design, supported by caring mentors and equitable opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. 

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Supporters of Big Picture Learning have the opportunity to share their mission, values and services with the hundreds of passionate educators, school leaders, influencers and decision-makers who attend our events each year. Moreover, signaling the support of our work and, more importantly, an education paradigm that puts students at the center of their learning, has been illustrated to compel members of our network and beyond that you are as dedicated to addressing systemic inequities as they are.

Ready to lend your support? Please contact Brenda Badeker, BPL's Operations Manager for Data & Development.

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