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Big Picture Learning presents





July 19 - 22, 2021

Registration now open!

"The height of love is high expectations." For this year's Big Bang, we draw inspiration from students and alumni -- such as Sofia Ervin and Naseem Haamid -- who believe that education can excel as we emerge from the pandemic -- only through grace and high expectations. High expectations that students should hold for their schools and their educators. And high expectations that we should all hold ourselves to as a network of forward-thinking advocates for what we know are the best ways to learn: interest-based, student-centered, relationship-focused, and equity-driven

We structure Big Bang the way our schools are structured: Advisory is at the heart. Student voice is valued and integral. And we share best practices through practice. After all, we know you wouldn't expect anything less. Join us for this year's Big Bang -- July 19-22 -- with your community and from your community. Help us shape the future of education. We're expecting you.


Leaving to Learn

In Big Picture schools, we know as much can be learned outside of the walls of the school as can be learned inside them. Which is why a core element of Big Bang is Leaving to Learn in our host community. Don't think we can bake Leaving to Learn experiences into a virtual conference? Just you wait.

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