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Greetings Big Picture family, friends, partners and newcomers!


It doesn’t seem like so long ago that, at the conclusion of Big Bang -- our virtual summer conference -- we announced with much excitement that we’d be coming back together, in person, in January, at the Big Picture Leadership Conference in San Diego. At the time, COVID numbers were quite a bit lower and we were understandably excited about the prospect of getting back together with members of our extended family.


Many of you all were, too! Over and over again, in response to a survey we sent out that truly informed our thinking, respondents spoke of the importance of connections and how it has been difficult to make those same connections in virtual or remote settings.


However; we must necessarily be thoughtful about the decisions we make that may impact the safety and well-being of our colleagues, partners and communities. Though we’re optimistic about the possibility of declining COVID cases and the likelihood of vaccinations being made available to younger populations, we also know that you all -- and we! -- have to make travel and budgeting decisions months in advance.


Given this: we truly regret to inform you all that we have elected to not hold this year’s Big Picture Leadership Conference.

We are planning opportunities for us to connect as a network; however -- let us stress -- our intent is not to hold a multi-day online event, as we did last year and have done for the last two Big Bangs. We agree that it’s just not the same. What’s more; we see this as an opportunity for us to collectively chill, nourish, and recharge. Please continue visiting this page to learn more as we consider limited programming -- designed explicitly to feed our collective soul through connection.


Now, please allow us to balance this unfortunate news with better news. We are wholly committed to an in-person Big Bang in July 2022. With additional information about safety precautions and increased planning time, we are confident that this summer’s Big Bang -- to be held in South Florida -- will be among the best we’ve ever held! We look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you all for the guidance, support and patience you’ve provided as we’ve arrived at this important decision. Your feedback and partnership has always been and continues to be invaluable to us.

Please note: If you’ve already registered for the Leadership Conference or it has been built into your current Big Picture Learning contract, we will be in touch soon with options for allocating those funds in other ways. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to Anna Pirog, at

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