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Big Picture Learning presents

Monday, December 5

Day One

4:00 PM PT
Registration Opens

5:00 PM PT
Welcoming Reception

6:00 PM PT

All agenda items are still preliminary and are subject to change (including times)

Tuesday, December 6

Day Two

7:00 AM PT

8:30 AM PT
Pick Me Up

10:00 AM PT
School Visit - San Diego Met

12:30 PM PT

1:30 PM PT

2:45 PM PT

5:00 PM PT
Leadership Journeys

Site Visit
BP Leadership Conferences are always held in locations where we have network schools. The school site visit has become a hallmark of the Leadership Conference - a chance for attendees to meet with and learn from educators and students alike. This year we are honored and appreciative of the San Diego Met's willingness to share their space with us.



What is Leadership Journeys?
We know that the paths of leaders are not without obstacles. They work in and with communities who are often barraged with conflict. And yet, they're often tasked with being courageous in the face of adversity. To withhold love and mask vulnerability. We reject this premise and have launched Leadership Journeys to counter the narrative. Leadership Journeys is a multi-media, DJ-fueled celebration; replacing turntables with slide decks, but without the sacrifice of soul. 

Wednesday, December 7

Day Three

7:00 AM PT

8:00 AM PT
Pick Me Up

9:30 AM PT

10:45 AM

12:00 PM PT

1:00 PM PT

2:30 PM PT
Conference Closing


In our convenings, we practice what we preach. In Big Picture schools, students form tight bonds with a small group of peers. At our conferences attendees are invited to a similar Advisory cohort with whom they can learn, grow, dive deep and navigate the event together - in ways that create relationships that last beyond our time together.

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