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Leaving to Learn

Learning from and with the community is a central distinguisher of schools within the BPL Network. Thus, we've made it an essential part of BPL convenings. As part of Big Bang, attendees will spend a day - not in the hotel or convention center - but out in the community through Leaving to Learn sessions. 

Big Picture Learning staff have spent a great deal of time cultivating relationships with community-based organizations throughout Memphis and are excited to share the below learning opportunities with you all.  Leaving to Learn selections are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. BPL will make every effort to ensure that you are provided with one of your top three preferences. 

How do I select my Leaving to Learn session?  You must be registered for Big Bang in order to select your Leaving to Learn session. Once you've completed your registration, you'll immediately receive an email asking you to complete your Attendee Profile. Leaving to Learn selection is part of that profile. If you've already registered for Big Bang, check your email archive using the search term "Attendee Profile" to locate the link you'll need to re-access your profile. With any questions, or for assistance, please reach out to


Please note when making your selection:   If any of the Leaving to Learns below are labelled as "walking", that means that it is close enough to the hotel that we'll not be taking a bus to it. Please take this into consideration. In addition, Big Picture can make no guarantees about what the weather will be like on the day of our excursions. If a Leaving to Learn is labelled as walking, it is likely we'll be walking there whether the day is pleasant, warm, rainy, etc. 

A New Option!  For the first time, BPL is offering attendees the option to create self- or group-guided Leaving to Learn excursions as part of their Big Bang experience, should any of our curated experiences not appeal to you. For details, scroll to the bottom of the below options and look for "Self-Guided Leaving to Learn" or "Co-Designing a Leaving to Learn" for more information.


Big Picture Living

Space for: 25 

Come experience a special health & wellness leaving to learn - hosted by Danique Dolly and Elan Gepner-Dales of SKY Schools - that focuses on breathwork, meditation and personal application. We will share unique evidence-based practices you can incorporate into your daily life, and school community. We invite you to sign up and join us as we learn the powerful SKY Breath Meditation practice to deepen sleep, improve immunity, and boost joy and energy!


Indigenous Memphis

Space for: 25 

Join the BPL Native American Initiative as we visit the Chucalissa Museum to hear from Dr. Lauricella go through an archeological background and deep history of the land uplifting Native American and African American experiences in the south. Through this we will uplift the perspective of the Chickasaw Nation and their history with their ancestral land relocation act to now.


Libertas School of Memphis

Space for: 20

Libertas School is a public charter neighborhood school in historic but marginalized Frayser community. It's the first public Montessori charter in Tennessee and hosts a nationally-accredited teacher training program.


Memphis River Park

Space for: 25

Note: Transportation to this excursion is Walking 

The Memphis River Parks Partnership is dedicated to revitalizing and enhancing the riverfront experience in Memphis, Tennessee. Through thoughtful planning and community engagement, they transform the riverfront into a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike, offering recreational activities, cultural events, and green spaces for all to enjoy. Their efforts not only beautify the city's landscape but also create opportunities for connection, relaxation, and economic growth along the Mississippi River.


First Congregational Church

Space for: 25

The First Congregational Church of Memphis is a historic beacon of faith and community in the heart of the city. With roots dating back to the mid-19th century, it continues to serve as a welcoming sanctuary for worship, fellowship, and social justice initiatives. Through its diverse congregation and commitment to service, the church remains a vital part of Memphis's spiritual and social fabric.


Memphis Rox Climbing and Community

Space for: 25

Memphis Rox Climbing + Community is more than just a climbing gym – it's a hub of inclusivity and empowerment in Memphis. With its pay-what-you-can model, it ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can access the benefits of climbing and community. From beginners to seasoned climbers, Memphis Rox offers a supportive environment where individuals can challenge themselves, build connections, and foster a sense of belonging.


Crosstown High School

Space for: 50 

Crosstown High School in Memphis is a hub of innovation, offering personalized learning and project-based education. Located in the heart of the city, it provides students with real-world experiences and access to professionals through its partnership with Crosstown Concourse. At Crosstown High, students develop critical skills for success in the 21st century while thriving in a dynamic and inclusive community.

off the wall.jpeg

Off the Walls Arts

Space for: 10

Off The Walls Memphis is a dynamic community arts organization dedicated to fostering creativity and cultural engagement. Through a variety of programs and events, Off The Wall Memphis provides opportunities for artists of all backgrounds to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers, and connect with the local community. From gallery exhibitions to workshops and performances, Off The Walls Memphis serves as a catalyst for artistic expression and collaboration, enriching the cultural fabric of the city.

girls inc.png

Girls Inc of Memphis

Space for: 50 

Girls Inc. of Memphis is a transformative organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Through innovative programming and mentorship, Girls Inc. equips girls with the skills and confidence they need to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, empowering them to succeed in school, career, and life. By fostering leadership, advocacy, and self-esteem, Girls Inc. of Memphis is shaping the next generation of resilient and empowered young women.


New Ballet Ensemble & School

Space for: 20

The New Ballet Ensemble & School in Memphis is a dynamic hub of dance education, blending classical ballet with contemporary styles to create a unique and inclusive learning environment. With a focus on excellence, creativity, and community engagement, the school nurtures young dancers, providing them with both technical training and opportunities for artistic expression. Through its innovative approach and commitment to diversity, the New Ballet Ensemble & School inspires its students to reach their full potential while enriching the cultural fabric of Memphis.


National Civil Rights Museum

Space for: 30

Note: Transportation to this excursion is Walking  

The National Civil Rights Museum, located at the Lorraine Motel, honors and preserves the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The museum chronicles the American Civil Rights movements and tells the story of the impact of this tumultuous and inspiring period of change.


The Lab School

Space for: 35

The Lab School of Memphis is a distinctive outdoor learning experience, blending curriculum that is both seasonally and culturally based with the natural wonders of a working farm and neighboring forestry.


Soulsville Foundation (Stax Records & Academy)

Space for: 60 

Located in the original site of Stax Records, the Soulsville Foundation is home to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music and the internationally renowned Stax Music Academy. Serving as a beacon of cultural preservation and community empowerment, the foundation honors the rich legacy of soul music while providing educational programs that inspire future generations.


Junior Achievement of Memphis and the Mid-South

Space for: 25

Junior Achievement of Memphis and the Mid-South is dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through hands-on programs focused on financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship, JA empowers students to develop the skills they need to achieve their dreams and become successful contributors to society. With the support of volunteers and local businesses, JA creates impactful learning experiences that help shape the future leaders of Memphis and the surrounding region.

memphis arts.jpeg

Memphis Youth Arts Initiative

Space for: 25

The Memphis Youth Arts Initiative empowers young artists in Memphis through mentorship and creative expression. With a focus on inclusivity and skill development, MYAI fosters a vibrant community where every young artist can thrive.


Self-Guided Leaving to Learn

Space for: 25

Interest Driven Real World Learning is key! If our curated Leaving to Learns are not where it's at for you, build your own! If you have your own ideas about how you want to use the Leaving to Learn time, select this option. You will be asked to propose your Leaving to Learn session. Examples can include an outdoor adventure, networking with someone, self-care, a vital team conversation, exploring cultural sites in Memphis that are not being curated etc. IMPORTANT: This is an adult only advisory. Please do not choose to build a L2L that is the same as one of our curated options. Your registration covers the costs for the curated L2Ls. By choosing this experience, you are agreeing to pay for any site fees, transportation and lunch. You can build your non-curated, personalized L2L with others. After you register, you will be sent an email to build out your personalized L2L proposal. Your Advisor, David Berg, will partner with you to finalize your plan and proposal.


Co-Design a Leaving to Learn

Space for: 25 

Learning to Leave to Learn: Interested in learning more about outside of school learning? Join this L2L to develop your capacity to curate meaningful real world learning experiences in and around your community. In this Leaving to Learn, participants will co-create a deeper understanding of interest driven and outside of school learning. Facilitated by Loren Demeroutis, a veteran school leader and national staff member, participants will first meet as a virtual advisory prior to Big Bang to plan a Leaving to Learn in Memphis. We will use the experience to review and develop practices and tools to plan and lead Leaving to Learns in our home communities. Together, we will learn to leave to learn. Important: This option is only available to those who register on or before June 15, 2024. Participants agree to meet virtually at least twice prior to Big Bang. 

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